Assistance Managing Your Diabetes

Diabetes and Mellitus Types I & II can be managed at Sherwood Urgent Care and infusion center. With no known cure for diabetes, Sherwood evaluates case by case to find solutions that help our patients decrease the likelihood of developing further complications related to their blood sugar levels.

Diabetic education and encouraging frequent self-monitoring of blood sugars will help you understand how to keep yourself healthy. The clinic recommends increasing physical activity to promote glucose utilization for energy and improvement of insulin sensitivity. A brief summary of the hypertension management services we provide include:

  • Educating each patient on the causes of diabetes and how to control each.
  • Frequent monitoring of blood sugars and specific foods that increase them.
  • Teach patients about calorie counting and how to set weight loss goals.
  • Recommend how to increase physical activity to increase potential of weight loss.

Diabetics are at a higher risk of hypertension, which is why many specialists will urge those with issues to seek treatment, both in the form of medication and lifestyle changes. Many times, a change in diet and exercise habits, combined with proper medicine, can yield dramatic, positive results. Contact Sherwood Urgent Care and Infusion Center today!