At Sherwood Urgent Care, we offer a variety of health exams to check your overall health. Here are the exams we perform for our patients:

DOT exams

A DOT physical exam is required in order to operate a commercial vehicle. This is how your potential employer ensures your body can handle the duties of commercial drivers. We would be happy to provide this exam for you with no appointment necessary.

Physical Exams

Make sure you are in top health with a physical exam. Whether you need one for a new job or your child needs one before they begin the new school year, we are here to help.

Sports Physicals

Get ready for the athletic season ahead with a sports physical. At Sherwood Urgent Care, your sports physical costs only $15 and there is no appointment necessary. As an essential first step for any new sport, we take the time to understand any pre-existing conditions, family illnesses, or medical concerns. Please be prepared to provide a list of allergies and current medications.

During your exam, we make note of your height, weight, and vital signs, as well as conduct a careful eye exam. Stop in to Sherwood Urgent Care and Infusion Center today.

Drug Screens

Are you an employer who needs to drug test an employee? Has your company requested you to take a drug test? Has the court ordered you to take a test and submit the results? If so, it’s time to contact Sherwood Urgent Care. We offer drug screens upon request.

STD Screens

Ensure your sexual health by stopping in for a sexually transmitted infection test. Our caring staff is here to provide you support and give you accurate test results when you need them most.

We’ll see you soon for your exam.