Kidney Failure Management Clinic

In our community, kidney failure develops after years of uncontrolled high blood pressure and diabetes. Once scarring has developed in the kidneys, it is typically irreversible; however, the rate of kidney failure can be reduced by controlling the blood pressure.

Though there are direct causes of kidney failure, some are immediately reversible. It’s important to look for all causes of kidney failure and address each one.  Irreversible kidney failure may lead to the need to change the individual’s diet by avoiding sodium, potassium, phosphorus and will often require fluid restrictions. Chronic kidney disease can lead to anemia, which often requires Iron supplementation and medication to help rebuild the blood supply. Careful monitoring of the anemia is necessary to improve energy.

Kidney failure is staged from I through V.  Stage V kidney disease means that the kidneys are no longer capable of making adequate urine and the patient requires dialysis. The three options from here are Hemodialysis, Peritoneal dialysis, or renal transplantation. At Sherwood Urgent Care and Infusion Center, our trained healthcare professionals approach every patient with compassion and concern, and will gladly assist navigating the numerous requirements for treating kidney failure.