Sherwood Urgent Care Skin Care

From minor lacerations to rashes, and from poison ivy to minor burns, at Sherwood Urgent Care and Infusion Center,  our experienced staff is here to help. Feel free to call our office to discover how exactly we can help your skin irritation.


Many people seek our assistance because of skin irritations, such as contact dermatitis, ringworm, or other rashes. In general, there are a few rash types and symptoms that accompany them:

  • General rash: red streaks, redness, itching skin.
  • Hives: small bumps, redness, or larger raised areas.
  • Heat rash: small dots or bumps that resemble small pimples.
  • Blisters: fluid-filled bumps on the skin.

While there are multiple rash causes, such as poison ivy or allergies, treatment is usually straightforward. However, if you suspect that your rash is the result of another ailment, such as a fever, the best decision is to go to an urgent care clinic for treatment.

Should you find yourself needing medical assistance, please stop by our Detroit urgent care clinic and infusion center today.