Types of X-rays We Provide

Our state-of-the-art X-ray equipment allows us to utilize the best imaging technology in order to get you a faster, more concise diagnosis with each visit.

1//  Digital X-rays

Higher comfort with faster results. Our digital X-ray machine uses a much lower level of radiation and provides a much higher image quality.

2//  Chest X-rays

This X-ray is used to create images of the inside of your chest area, allowing an inside-view of your heart, lungs, ribs and diaphragm.


In the case of a broken bone or sprain, our team will provide fast and efficient X-ray services, along with a splint treatment in order to stabilize and reduce further movement and imaging.


What Are X-rays

X-rays are comprised of electromagnetic waves that our imaging equipment uses to create a picture of the inside of your body. This equipment is used for the viewing and diagnosing of medical issues that aren’t visible from the outside.